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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

As a high performance athlete, I’ve been working with Dean Hollingworth for almost 10 years, and his professionalism has never ceased to impress me. His meticulous and rigorous methods of training have brought my game to whole new level. However, Dean’s superior knowledge is truly what makes him a unique trainer. In fact, he constantly stays informed with the latest developments in the industry, all while remaining focused on the fundamentals. These highly insightful videos are a true testament to the passion and dedication he expresses toward high performance tennis training. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a devoted professional."


“I first started working with Dean in search of improving my speed and agility. As we started working together, I quickly realized that my speed and agility relied on many other factors such as core, balance, and strength. Dean worked with me and formed programs for me that incorporated all these aspects. I felt many improvements already going into my second and third week of his training programs. And now after all the work, my speed and agility went from being the lagging strand of my game into one of my strongest aspects. My speed, explosiveness, endurance, balance, and overall strength have risen greatly. This has allowed me to add power, speed, stability, and confidence to my game, which has lead me to my best results in competitions. I believe that Dean’s knowledge and dedication to his students’ improvements can enhance anyone’s game to the fullest".


Dean has been my son’s fitness coach over the last 4 years. I have seen a huge progress in my son’s overall physical condition. Dean takes a global approach while personalizing the athlete’s fitness needs. The results clearly show on the tennis court. I see strength, flexibility, fluidity in his moves and speed. It is quite an asset to have such a high calibre fitness at our club


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